A Community Of Best Practice

We're excited to be working in partnership with 12 Sandford Award winning sites who will be hosting visits to share their expertise and best practice with our project participants this year. Sites involved, include the Museum of London, delivering expert-led activities and workshops for SEN, supplementary schools and Early Years as well as primary and secondary schools, Lincoln Castle with its Investigate programme, designed to bring history to life through a series of National Curriculum linked workshops for pupils in Early Years to KS4, Darlington Railway Museum who offer a wide range of lifelong learning opportunities and World Heritage site, Durham Cathedral, offering a variety of schools' sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of the Cathedral, its history and life today. These visits will provide excellent networking opportunities as well as building a community of best practice.

Boughton House - Recruitment Workshop

The team invited heritage professionals from sites across the East Midlands to join us at Boughton House in Northamptonshire, one of Britain's grandest and best- preserved stately homes to discuss the aims of the project, share good practice in heritage education and to encourage more sites to come on board. We were joined by one of our current Advancer sites- Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum and a member of the Sandford Award Judges panel. We finished the day with a guided tour of the House.

Boughton House.jpg

King Richard III Visitor Centre- Recruitment Workshop

King Richard III Visitor Centre was our host for a recruitment workshop to inform potential participants about the Sandford Award, the Cascade project and ways in which we can provide practical and financial support to enhance a sites formal/informal education offer and share good practice. The workshop also provided valuable networking opportunities as well as best practice tips from heritage professionals. Our next recruitment workshop will be held at Boughton House on the 24th January 2017.

Sandford Cascade Film Preview

On the 14th October, The Collection- in the heart of historic Lincoln, was our hosts for Sandford Cascade's first screening of three short films made with our local media partner; Blink Creative. The films also marked the end of our first year project celebration and evaluation.The films feature representatives from our Supporter Sites and three Sandford Judges; each addressing a Sandford Award Criteria through an overview of what a Sandford Judge would expect to see during their assessment visit, what the sites themselves do to meet these criteria together with footage of the sites in action! The film shorts are available to download and watch in Sandford Cloud and via our YouTube channel. More films are planned for 2017.

Sandford Cascade Sharing Workshop

Sandford Cascade Workshop at Derby Silk Mill

Last week we gathered together at Derby Silk Mill to discuss the project outcomes and to provide support to new museums that have joined us on their journey to applying for Sandford Award for museum education. What emerged from our discussions is both the range of approaches that we have in delivering learning programmes and the similarity of our guiding principles. The Cascade project offers organisations the opportunity to view other museums learning programme in action, which we have learnt from our partner organisations, is really beneficial to practice.

Michael Ledger talking about his Sandford Award journey

Sandford Cascade Media Partner

Sandford Cascade are very pleased to be working with our new media partner Blink Creative, a Lincoln based video production company.

What will this mean?

We are due to start filming some of our 'Sandford Shorts' which will form part of the Sandford Cloud. These are videos from Sandford Award winning sites and Sandford judges that will give real world insight into what it means to strengthen learning in the historical environment.

Museum professionals will narrate how they used their expertise to achieve Sandford Criteria and Sandford judges will outline how the criteria inform excellent museum education practice.

The resources will be available on the website from Autumn with new films added through to 2019.

Rick Holland from Blink creative and Rachel Bryant, Sandford Cascade Co-ordinator will be heading to Crich Tramway Museum, The National Tramway Museum later this month to film our first footage, we can't wait.